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Contact: get in touch with Najman Web

This page, in addition to email/telephone/postal address uses an accessible contact form.

There are three required fields: Name, Email address and Enquiry. If you don't enter information in these fields you will receive a javascript*| prompt asking you to go back and fill them in. If you have javascript turned off a script on our server will send you a page asking you to use your back button to return to the Contact page and fill in the required field.

We recommend that you use this form (or a version of it) on your site.

By email

[email protected]|

By telephone

+44 (0) 20 7275 0111

By mobile phone

+44 (0) 7949 208 222

By post

Najman Web
76 Palatine Road
London N16 8ST
United Kingdom

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A programming language for use in web pages that allows the use of dynamic (interactive) content. It is dependent on users having the javascript compiler turned on. For this reason it is recommended that you keep javascript to a minimum on your site, and always provide an alternative means of carrying out the function it performs.

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76 Palatine Road London N16 8ST United Kingdom | Tel: +44 (0) 20 7275 0111 | Mob : +44 (0) 7949 208 222 | Email: [email protected] |

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